Why Should I Learn Tarot Reading?

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If you have ever picked up a pack of pretty cards and thought you might be curious to learn how to read the Tarot.  Let me encourage you to jump in with both feet.

If you learn to read Tarot you start on an amazing journey of self discovery and will always have an icebreaker at any party.

I have been reading Tarot cards for more than 15 years and I have the tarot deck collection to prove it.  I never have regretted the time I spent to learn the system for all the joy and fun it has brought into my life, not to mention pure entertainment value and new friends.   It is a great hobby.

Everyone can benefit by learning the tarot card system and I think it enhances you both mentally physically and spiritually.

Here are a Few Reasons I Think it is a Great Idea to Learn to Read Tarot cards:

  • Great Brain Exercise
  • Great Way to Expand your Critical Thinking Skills.
  • Wonderful Meditation Aid
  • Great Way to Meet New People
  • Excellent Side Hustle


Great Brain Exercise

I think learning new things is good for you at any age, but Learning Tarot is especially helpful because you have to use both hemispheres of your brain to interpret the meanings of the cards.

When you first learn tarot it can be a lot of rote memorizing.

You must know the definition of each card and what the suits mean and then you have to layer in the spreads and the meaning of the cards laid together in a pattern.

It starts as a very left brain activity.  Remembering numbers and placement and counting times shuffled, at first it is all about the numbers.

Somewhere along the way it wanders into Right brain territory as you relate to the colors and shapes of the cards.  You tap into the emotions of the querent and you begin to listen to the voice of your intuition.

And then when you finally think you know something, you go buy a new deck of cards.

Great Way to Expand Your Critical Thinking Skills

Tarot is a great way to expand your critical thinking skills as you pull out your deck and shuffle the cards while you consider a problem or worry, let your mind turn the situation over and consider it from every angle.

Tarot teaches you to ask the appropriate questions to untie the knots we find in our lives.

How can I change to affect the situation?  What am I not seeing?  You can Pull clarifying cards until the issue become more manageable and defined in you mind.

Most problems can be resolved once we have made a decision on a course of action and are comfortable with a path to move forward.

Slowing down and letting the Tarot cards speak to us can encourage us to consider consequences and far reaching effects we may not have otherwise considered.

Wonderful Meditation aid

I think Tarot cards are a wonderful meditation aid.

You can take just one andVisualize yourself walking around inside of itTalking to the character that stars in itAnd really gained some interesting insights.

If you don’t already meditate, It’s a great way to start.It can be intimidating for the average beginner to dive right into Zen meditation where one sits and thinks of nothing.

But to meditate on your tarot cards is interesting and exciting and the more cartoon like that you make it in your mind the more it will anchor in your nervous system and you’ll be able to pull on thosevisualizations and experiences as you read cards for people in public

It can seem silly at first to sit down and try to imagine yourself inside the scene of the card.  But no one can see what’s going on inside your head.

The cards are first and foremost an entertainment for you.  So relax and enjoy them on every level that you can and try not to judge yourself too much.

Great way to meet new people

Once you really have a grip on your tarot cards and your interpretations the world is your oyster.  You will be amazed of the doors to get open to you if you are a good reader.

There are tons of places an opportunity and people seem to be endlessly fascinated by the cards.

If you are a bit shy like me they can be great icebreaker and it can be very relaxing to work party.

You can offer to come to a friends party and be the  entertainment.

You can evenDress up to match your tarot cards!

I run a business and am successful but love to do readings so on Halloween every year I read cards for my customers and I have a variety of outfits that match different card decks. from my steampunk dack to my ferry deck to your classic gypsy outfit that goes with Rider Waite. You never know which version of me will show up for the next Halloween but it’s always fun.  I enjoy it and It’s a great way to step outside my own skin and entertain people as I read Tarot for them.

Tarot is an Excellent side hustle

I’m not suggesting that everybody that learns Tarot should try to go out and be a paid reader, but there are those of you from that path maybe exactly why you pick these up.

The good news is there are tons of places and opportunities available If you do decide you like to read Tarot cards for money it’s easier now than it ever has been.

I would start at your local spiritual bookshop And maybe make a flyer.

You could also consider reading tarot cards on YouTube.

I’m sure an Etsy shop dedicated to it would do really well with a little promotion.

And you can do the classic thing of just passing a business card when he made an interesting person who might be interested in your Tarot card readings.

If you are a professional and don’t want people to know about your side business it’s perfectly acceptable in the Tarot world to create a persona much like An entertainment personality.

You can even make a separate Social media page separate from your own identity.

Taro is very closely related to the arts and so I think a little flamboyance in relation to your tarot reading can only enhance the effects.

Regardless of why you choose to learn Tarot I’m sure that it’s going to be an amazing informative journey for you and for whatever reason you pick it up you’ll realize all the side benefits as well.  I wish you much luck in the art.