How To Pick A New Tarot Card Deck

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So many beautiful boxes of Cards, how does one choose a good first Tarot deck? It is the start of a new journey and you want to make sure to set out in the right direction so keep a few things in mind as you chose your new deck.
  • Do they fit in your hand
  • How easy they are to shuffle
  • Do you want to dive in and study the Tarot system
  • Or just casually refer to them for inspiration
  • Will you be carrying them with you daily or just have a set place to use them.
  • How will you care for them between sessions
I love Tarot decks purely as an Art appreciation project. There are an amazing array of styles and choices. But there are some underlying psychological structures that are helpful to know about before you pick you first deck and there are some pure practical considerations as to how you will use them. but rather than standing in the store and feeling lost lets back up a bit What do you plan to do with your new Tarot deck? If you are looking to set it by the door and pull one occasionally as you walk out to face the day; an oracle deck with interpretations printed on them can be a fun way to learn to listen to your intuition and set a positive tone for the day. These tend toward the angel oracles or the Quan Yin blessings oracle is a nice nod to the Asian origins of the game that eventually mutated into to Tarot. If you love spooky stuff and want to dress up on like a gypsy and do amazing readings for your friends — Yes of course you do! — then lets talk about A Rider Waite deck. Rider Waite is the classic deck designed in late 1800’s by the theosophical society.  Before this time the cards were more like a deck of playing cards with little illustration, but The Rider Waite deck standardized the concepts and archetypes that so many modern decks jump off from. You can tell a deck is Rider Waite based usually by the number of the cards 72. This usually includes four suits and the major arcana. It is the major Arcana that Dr. Jung found so interesting and psychologically powerful. Every human is unique but certain things in the human experience are universal.  It is these universal experiences that the art portrays that speak to our hearts so eloquently. Once you understand those basic universal archetypes as defined in the Rider Waite deck you will be able to recognize them in all the other modern interpretations and it is like speaking the mother tongue. The rest of the decks just become interesting local dialects. When the student is Ready the Deck Appears My first deck was given to me and I loved it all the more because it was a thoughtful gift. I had just broken both legs and was in for a long recovery.  It was a good time to devote to learning the imagery and meaning of the tarot cards. I didn’t have much else to do. Fortunately that deck was the Shapeshifter tarot deck and I really related to all the natural imagery as I sat on my back deck in Mississippi and looked off into the woods, I could imagine the forrest creatures all around me transforming to communicate the wisdom that comes with a more visceral life style. Life and death happen pretty quick for most forrest creatures and mine seemed to be just plodding along as I waited to recover. Somehow that deck gave me an outlet to feel more hopeful and alive, more connected to nature and certainly more in control than my broken legs would lead me to believe. I remember I had the most visceral dream at the time that I was going to meet my friends for coffee and when I got there I had these beautiful white wings with brown tips like a Snowy Owl; but human sized, and my friends said, “Oh, Tami; I love your new wings!” and I replied “Yeah, I broke my legs so I just grew these.” Ha!  I wish it had been that easy, but in a way it was.  The Shapeshifter deck gave me a way to transform my thoughts and enjoy my imagination while my body recovered from my bad choices. I learned to soar above the boredom and become a messenger of things in the tarot much like the messenger owl in the Harry Potter movies. So by all means pick a deck that speaks to your heart.  If you love the imagery you will pour over it and investigate it and learn all the hidden meanings and maybe even glean meanings not spoken about in your companion book. The best interpretations come when you are familiar with your cards and a bit of the history of the deck and why certain hidden symbols are so psychologically powerful. Size matters Size counts in cards as in everything else. When choosing a deck it would be great if you could hold or shuffle them because how they feel in your hands is kind of a visceral part of the whole experience. There are very tiny decks which may be great if you work in a cubicle or want to carry them in your purse all the time and have them on hand to study at odd moments of the day. I tend to prefer the decks that are slightly larger than standard playing cards.  Eventually shuffling them kind of kicks off a meditative state that I find very helpful when focusing on my cards and the messages they hold for me. Many of the Oracle Decks are oversized.  I don’t love shuffling them so I tend to cut the deck and choose one form the middle. My oracle decks don’t see as much use as my playing card sized ones but if the card needs to be larger for the more elaborate art or interpretation I see the value. Don’t worry if you are having trouble making the choice of your first deck in all likelihood it won’t be your last.  Just pick one that appeals to you.  This tends to be come a bit of a collector’s hobby. Learning Tarot becomes a lifelong journey when you pick them up you are the fool, and as you travel through the various stories the cards tell you gain the World. Go grab a deck from a local bookseller or check out our resources page and begin the adventure. Some Other Things to Consider with your new Tarot card purchase
  • Sage Stick
Many people like to clear their cards with sage smoke between readings or once a week or so. If you like that idea you can pick up a sage stick as well.
  • Tarot Card Bag
Also consider a Tarot bag, many decks have silk or velvet bags that match the imagery of their cards. I keep all my decks and books together in a drawer but the bags are helpful to keep the cards form flipping around if I open the drawer suddenly. The edges of your cards are the most delicate part and will show wear first; a bag can help protect the edges,  so they don’t fray so fast.
  • Quartz point
If you dig crystals you may want to pick up a pretty quartz point to leave with your cards when not in use. I find my stones and cards go very well together and the crystal helps clear the energy of previous readings if I let people from the public handle my cards during the reading.    


  1. Thank you, you’ve given me pertinent information to consider. I was wondering how to cleanse my cards; of course they’d love to get together with my crystals! I’m also going to make good use of visualizing each scene to ‘memorize’ interpretations. I’m not quite sure how to say “no” to decks that appeal to me; that’s hard! I’m definitely tuned in to the ones I have.
    Thanks again.

  2. Author

    Well since I have a drawer full of them and love them all I really can’t advise you on that! Ha Try setting goals for yourself like I will meditate with each card from the deck I have for 20 min and journal on it before I buy a new deck. or I will pull a reading from my present deck everyday for 30 days before I buy another one. At the very least it will give you great depth with the deck you have and slow down your habit. Balance in all things!

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