How to Get the Most out of Your Tarot Reading

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Maybe you saw a sign and got an inner nudge and stopped somewhere local for a reading or attended a party where there was a reader and you have ‘Crossed their palm with Silver…”  Great how do you get the most out of this experience?

The Best way to get the most out of any Tarot Reading experience is to Relax and really look at the cards that get Spread out. 

It sounds so simple doesn’t it?

It sounds simple but it’s kind of a complex operation because all of those images have messages for your subconscious and your intuition.

It can get easy to be distracted by your surroundings, by the reader, by the excitement of what you would like to hear, but at the end of the day it’s important to not give away your own power to the reader or anyone else.

Taro cards have messages for us there’s no doubt, and in the hands of the talented reader they are an amazing tool for delving into intuition.

But at the end of the day, they are just tools for humans.

And humans have various motivations when we are actually each other, so like the old saying goes; trust but verify.

Never assumed that the first time you sit with somebody the reader that you’re with is amazingly talented or has all the knowledge of the universe.

Even if they did; they only see the cards to their own lens and the power of these cards is the impact that they make on your subconscious when you view them.

So when you are looking at the cards keep these things in mind:

Keep the Question Crystal Clear in your mind

Keep the question in mind that you have for the cards crystal clear and in the forefront of your mind.

In some ways the reader is playing off your energy to read the cards.

So by keeping the question crystal clear and not bouncing on to other subjects the message you get for the cards will be very focused on the thing that you’re trying to clarify your mind.

The future is never set in stone, so don’t ask for concrete answers

Does she love me; did she love me not…It’s a question for flower not a Tarot card reader.

Although Tarot Cards can give you great insight on your relationships, keep in mind the future is always in flux. Other people besides you were making decisions that influence events and over time People change their minds.

Very few things are influenced by destiny.

I do believe In signs showing up in our lives, hints to ourselves from our subconscious or a past life selves that we are in the right place at the right time but it’s really unfair to sit with a new reader whom you have never met and ask them Yes/No questions because well they may be right in that moment but If one thing affects the future timeline the answer may change in another moment.

You’re much better off to ask questions that help you change your perspective or give you things to work on within yourself that can help moderate your reactions to the situation so that the pressure feels less intense.

You can’t control the whole world just your little corner of it

Tarot cards are not witchcraft.  They cannot influence another persons reactions or outcomes. They are an amazing tool for delving into your own subconscious and seeing the unseen patterns that are influencing you.

Once you are aware of your patterns you can then decide whether you are comfortable with them in place or if you want to change or just anything in the privacy of your own mind.

When you are in the midst of conflict for drama it’s tempting to go to a Tarot Card reader to try to read last last page of the book and see how things turned out; but it doesn’t really work like that.

You’re much better off to go to the cards and say how can I resolve this situation to create the best outcome for all involved.

Ask the cards what is unseen influences are working on you or what miss you information you need to consider.

Bringing tiny unseen details to the light is where the tarot cards really shine.

Once you realize The fear or concern at the bottom of any question or problem that has come up in your life Tarot cards can do an amazing job of moving you through that fear into your power.

Try to use the cards to see the question or the problem from a different light

Tarot cards are essentially Art.

Art contains the power of transcendence.

The transcendence has to happen in you before can affect the situation that you’re concerned about.  So look at the cards and allow the change to happen within.

It can be tempting for the reader to want to speak the whole time; but ask them for a few minutes of quiet while you look over the cards that they have been laid out, take some deep breaths and really try to see the images and think about what they might mean to you.

Think about the cards in relation to the question that you have asked and key in on the details.

What color or image jumps out at you.

How does it relate to your question.

Are there any small details that attract your attention.

Look at each card as a whole and then look at the progression of cards as they go across the table or through the spread.

Tarot cards tell a story and our subconscious is naturally geared to be able to read it.

Just relaxes you look at the cards keep your question in mind and see if any of the images of the cards spark an idea on how to resolve it.

Once your reader gives their interpretation of the cards you may find you see the cards in a whole other light.

So take a few minutes at the end of your reading to again look at your cards and ask yourself if you are seeing everything that you need to resolve the question or the situation.

Trust the the process

Remember the Tarot card reading is first and foremost just for fun.

Don’t let anything that is said freak you out or make you fear for the future.

Tarot cards should be a fun positive interesting experiment that leads you to a better place or a higher understanding of yourself.

The very best Tarot card readings are not only totally accurate in the moment but help influence the future to become a little brighter and a little better because you leave feeling lifted and enlightened.

Hopefully it will help you avoid pitfalls that you might have stepped in unconsciously or identify patterns that don’t really work for you anymore.

Tarot cards should help shift some of your unconscious patterns into the light so that you can choose whether you want to carry on with them or create a different outcome.

There is so much history, art and science in the cards, surely you walk away with some positive message or thing that you can changeTo create a brighter future.

Just in case you sit down for a reading are stumped about what to ask be sure to check out our post on the 50 best Questions to ask in a Tarot Card reading.  There are some great jumping off points that will lead to awesome readings if you allow them to come through.