How do I use Tarot Cards?

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3 cards from the steampunk tarot and a geode fragment

Steampunk Tarot

Okay so maybe you read my article on how to pick out a good deck or you just found a local book seller with a great selection and you chose a deck of cards, Great!  What now? Well, now that you have your new Tarot deck you have to introduce yourself and get to know your new friend. Don’t worry its easy and I have 3 fun ways to get to know your cards without joining a monastery and heading to mountain top to meditate. I Suggest you try some of these techniques to get to know your new deck;
  • Tarot Journal
  • World building
  • Learn some Tarot Spreads

Tarot Journal

A Tarot journal can be as simple as a spiral bound notebook or as complex as an electronic scrapbook made on your computer.  Or one of the many journaling apps available for your phone. I often snap a pic of my daily picks as I walk out the door so my cards are safe at home but I have the imagery on my phone to contemplate in odd moments like waiting for lunch or in the midst of some other task. The main information you need in your journal is the query you asked the cards and the date and the card that came up. Its a simple discipline that can really make you a great reader over time because no Tarot interpretation book is as good as an experience that you personally have had. As you ask for insight in certain areas of your life you are focusing on and get a card to contemplate each day eventually you will have that ah-ha break through moment when you get total clarity of what that card meant and how it moved you from that stuck place inside the where you were in free motion again. Hello Inspiration! I recently went back though the Rider Waite illuminated Tarot like this and was amazed at the depth of nuance in these cards that I had kind of dismissed as old fashioned.  I prefer the more modern decks with more natural or pagan imagery because the ‘churchy’ stuff freaks me out a little in these cards. We all have our biases. It is very Yogic to sit in discomfort and observe it to see if you can get it to dissolve; in many cases I did.  This works on an emotional level as well as physical level. Sometimes its not that deep and I just jot down the info and get on with my day but its good to have to look over once a week or once a month because sometimes trends are hard to spot in the moment but they become clear over time. Those are the ones you want to kick yourself for when realization of the pattern does come. I had a situation where the 7 of swords kept coming up, kept coming up in random spreads, just here and there, the sneaky creep just always seemed to be around when I was trying to focus on other things. Then I realized I had an embezzler in my business and had to chase them out.  I could have kicked myself because the Tarot had been talking and the signs had been there but I wasn’t willing to focus on them because I didn’t want to face the betrayal. I’ll never question the 7 of swords meaning again though. I got it loud and clear.  No interpretation book need be consulted.

World Building

This is a fun exercise I recently did with the Illuminated Rider Waite deck to be sure I was solid on all my predictive cues. You can separate the cards any way you chose but for the first run separate the 4 suit cards from the major Arcana Pick an individual suit and line them up numerically where you have good lighting and can really see the art. Now imagine you are a reporter writing the story of what is happening in these cards. Each of the suits have a different story to tell.  They each happen in a different season there is a progression from beginning to end.  Who is the hero of that story?  What are the highs and lows he goes through?  How is he dressed what is the temperature around him what animals support his journey? Try to step in the world of the cards as if you are walking the set of game of thrones.  See it feel it touch it and make it visceral.  Get so into it that you hear the gulls calling on the shore line as the traveler with the 2 of swords contemplates his fortune. If you can find a visceral emotional anchor for each of the suits you will always have context in a reading and will be able to relate to the querent on an emotional level. It puts flesh on the bones when you are describing your reading to a friend.

Learn some Tarot Spreads

This is the classic way many people get introduced to the cards and it is very sound. Its kind of like training wheels for your mind because you are given a pattern and someone else has decided the meaning of the pattern. Once the cards are in place you can read the interpretation as written in the companion book. This is kind of the rote way of learning the card meanings. It’s a technique not to be underestimated though.  Many readers learn this method and enjoy their cards for years with this way of handling the cards. Even a simple past, present, future reading can bring great insights to any situation. I’m going to be working on some different love and money spreads based on some hoodoo traditions in the south It takes a bit longer but I am working up some graphics to make them easy to refer to and recognize.  I’ll come back and link to them once they are up.

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