Do Tarot Cards Tell the Truth?

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Yes, tarot cards tell the truth; because they reflect basic universal experiences. But how you choose act on those truths and is always in your hands. It is a wonderful experience to go to a talented tarot reader who obviously has great insight into your personality and can use the cards as a catalyst to tap into the collective unconscious and bring just the message you need to hear. It can also be a terrifying experience to be in the presence of someone you think has some kind of mystical power over you or who knows some dark cloud is approaching but will offer to do a salt bath, rain dance, or a shamanic clearing, for an outrageous sum.  (Please!) A tarot card deck is only as good as the hand holding it and humans have a long history of shady dealings using cards. Don’t get caught up in the drama.

Why do Tarot Cards seem so Scary Accurate?

Tarot cards have the power of imagery working for them and we have evolved as humans to recognize patterns. The ability to recognize patterns and identify friend and foe is a very basic survival skill that has led to our success as a species. Even though we are not hunter gatherers anymore, the ability to quickly see and categorize information is a valuable skill set. Tarot cards speak to our subconscious mind with symbols and patterns and emotionally charged imagery that make us relate that imagery to things going on in our own lives. If you add to that a skilled reader who is both looking at your reactions and processing their rote meaning of the cards and having their own internal landscapes shifted, its easy for a human to bridge the gap of silence and relate to you on an emotional level. Art is some of the most valuable objects available in modern society. I t is an anomaly when one considers how to acquire hard asset wealth. What is the value of a piece of canvas at retail?  About $8 -$12 per foot on amazon.  What is the value of a Canvas with the Mona Lisa painted on it? One could say a large part of World War II was fought for Art.  The stories of the monument men and the stockpiles of art and gold hoarded by the Nazis are mind boggling. It is no wonder we find the art of the cards emotionally impactful.  People have literally lived and died for it. When you add that to all the emotionally resonant things depicted; like a boy off on an adventure with his little dog, or the picture of a happy family and secure home, or a the stern face of justice with scales held aloft in the foreground, we all have powerful emotional reactions to those images. The Emotional impact gets layered over the question and suddenly everything feels very intense.

How Do You Affect the Outcome?

You are the answer because you brought the question. The solution you seek from the cards is actually hidden with in you and it is the the job of the cards and the reader to help you see the answer you seek. Instead of coming to the cards with a binary choice (Should I Mary him or should I not.) . ask yourself what insight you need to resolve the situation that is sucking up all your attention. (Try instead – what is the experience my soul needs right now for optimum growth) . That may or may not be partnership.  It depends on what you want and why you are making certain choices. Think about everyones best an highest good and agree to forgive others and absorb the lessons so your soul can make progress on its journey. You affect the outcome with your expectation and attitudes but there are other free willed sentient beings in the mix and that makes it exciting. Life is kind of like sports we can work the odds if we like but at at the end of the day we have to play the game. Despite our best predictions you never know what may happen on the field. Hard work an a positive attitude go a long way toward swinging the odds in our favor though.

Can you Trust Your Tarot Card Reader?

If you are getting a reading from someone you have never met question is not do the cards tell the truth but has your reader given you an accurate reading? In most cases people who use Tarot Cards and charge for intuitive consults are well intentioned. Some are trained better than others.  Length of study does count in this game because nuances in the art and the messages become more apparent as you spend more time with your deck. When you sit down with someone to let them read you; remember you are still in charge of the experience. If you are upset or shaken by anything predicted ask to take a picture of the spread with your phone and don’t hesitate to look up the meanings for yourself later. Look carefully at the cards and see if there is anything they may have overlooked that you can use to resolve the question in your mind. Remember to ask your reader a few questions before sitting down;
  • How long have you been doing this?
  • Where did you learn Tarot?
  • Why did you choose this deck for me?
  • Is there anything I need to know before I sit down?
That last one is a fun one.  I like to get the communication going before they ever break out the cards. Remember to watch their face for reactions as they pull your cards. And have fun because Tarot is a game and its a wonderful game that puts us in touch with other people sometimes other cultures and hopefully better in touch with ourselves.

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