Do Tarot Cards Really Work

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Designed in CanvaSo many different decks. So many pretty pictures.  How can they all know your subconscious drives and speak directly to you. I don’t know how they work but I know that’s the power of art.

Yes, Tarot cards really work.  A picture is worth 1000 words and in Tarot it may be worth more than that.

Dr. Jung postulated that Tarot cards tap into the collective subconscious.  I tend to agree with his theories and I use the foundations of psychology in many of the readings that I do, but there are those who have never heard of his theories and still are very successful at reading tarot cards.

Not all Tarot readers are the same, in fact you’d be hard pressed to find two readers who read cards in the same way.  With so many different decks available, so many different tools, Different levels of education on the cards, different levels of psychic abilities.  How can two readers actually ever give you the same reading?

The great power of Tarot cards is that it connects are left and right brain thinking.  It becomes a whole-grain brain game of trying to figure out the solution to whatever problem the querent come to the cards with.

Somehow the art on the cards marshals all of our resources and sets them on the path to create a solution for wherever the energy is stuck.

So the cards really work on your subconscious mind and help you create solutions where before you saw only problems because as humans we love a good story.  And we love to race ahead and try to figure out how the story will end.  (Thank you, Sherlock Holmes.)

But remember the power of Tarot cards is in the visual cues they’re giving you not the words of you reader.

I love Tarot card readers, I never fail to stop in Jackson Square when the readers are out of New Orleans. I keep a Tarot journal and have an insane amount of decks and I love working with each and every one of them.  I often read Tarot cards online just to keep my skills sharp.

I work very hard at being a good and accurate Tarot card reader but the cards are the magic, not the psychic abilities.

It’s the power of the art to communicate concepts to your subconscious mind that really creates the life-changing effects.

Being familiar with the standard definitions of each card I’m contemplating and what it means to me individually gives me a shorthand map of any reading that I may do But like fool on his journey every reading is individual and there are no productive shortcuts. In some ways you just have to take the walk that the cards are taking you on to see where the journey ends.

Some portion of the Tarot journey teaches you to be in charge of your own path.

So look at the cards for yourself.

Try to absorb the images and what they may mean to the question that you brought to the table.

How did the cards make you feel?

It’s perfectly acceptable to ask your reader what an individual card stands for and what they think it means based on the cards around it.

The Tarot reader is really there to be your consultant to help you effectively wrestle with the question that you brought to the cards.

A good reading begins and ends with you and what you bring to the table, is the question.

A good question maybe worth 10,000 words

It’s always exciting to sit down with the new reader to open up a fresh deck of cards and feel like you can get all the answers.

But before the answers come first you have to think of great questions.

The quality of your question determines the quality of your reading.

The best questions start with yourself and help you figure out how to make changes in yourself can create changes in the situation.

Also remember to try to think of top-down questions.

“Is this the best job for me?”

“Is this relationship in my highest and best interest”

“Am I living in my best graphical location to fill my dreams?”

If you get totally stumped for great questions check out my Blog post on 50 Questions to ask the Tarot cards here.

They work if you want them to work

Tarot card productions were those twisted little things.  The images are so powerfulAnd the fact that you go and repeatThe things that are said or talked about in your mind.  It puts a lot of energy out into the universe about how of you think things will ultimately resolve.

You don’t control the whole world I would’ve you control some corner of your own reactions to it?

Thinking you get a raise at work lack cause you to be more enthusiastic do a better job, be more confident and ultimately may influence the people around you to actually give you a raise at work.

Did the Tarot card protection do that or did you do that?  What if is ours is the hand that writes the book of our own destiny?

At the end of the day I was count any Taro card prediction under the column of my life as entertainment.

Take any prediction that tarot card reader gives you with a grain of salt and keep your feet keep your feet firmly on the ground, but don’t be afraid to dream.

Einstein said that “imagination is more important than knowledge.”

The power of Tarot cards to excite your subconscious mind and create a space where you could go into a visual representation of how you want your future to look is perhaps the most powerful way that the cards work on you.

Take some time after your reading to relaxAnd visualizeThe cardsAnd the perfect solution to the questions you brought you the table.  Once the reading is over the work really begins.

Use the reading as a jumping off point

Once the reading is over, let it lie and maybe set aside some time to relax your mind and think again about the question.  But instead of getting caught up in the swirl of should I should night is he isn’t heWhat should I do next, think about the images on the card and what would happen if you make choices based on them.

Try to think things through to the other side and figure out what the consequences of your next actions will be.

The great gift of the tarot cards is to let us back up and get some perspective.

It’s ironic that Tarot cards started out as a game because we can really use games theory with the cards to try to figure out what our next moves in life should be.  I love to use if this, than that readings with the cards.

I also love to imagine that the cards are a moment of time in a virtual reality game that I can step into play different roles in and use as the virtual world to figure out what’s happening in my real-world.

The cards work on all kinds of levels for all kinds people, it’s just a matter of figuring out how you want to applyThe information to your situation.