Best Tarot Card Spread for the Year Ahead

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Rider Waite Magician Tarot Card

Rider Waite Illuminated Tarot

As 2019 approaches it is fun to look at year ahead Astrology predictions for the year ahead.  I happen to really love this reading; probably because it makes sense to my accounting brain.  I am used to thinking of the year cut up into quarters.

I like to lay the cards face down and turn the quarter cards to get a big picture over view and then drill down with the monthlies to get get clarification and monthly themes.

This is a great Spread to pull at the first of the year and then journal each month as you get perspective on the situations you feel the cards are talking to you about.

This is a great spread to test your intuition on because generally the further you go out in time the more divergent the future is if it is being affected by choices and other influences.



Look for suit patterns and number patterns to see if someone has pulled a theme of things they may be struggling with this year.

Have fun and enjoy your Cards!