50 Questions to Ask the Tarot

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It is the classic dilemma as you sit in front of the reader.  Now that you’re here with the Tarot cards what do you need to ask them in order to get the most valuable reading?

Here is a list of the best questions you could ever possibly ask the Tarot Cards… #37 will give you great insight.

For most people it’s no small feat to get in front of the talented reader.  Once you’re there, it can be intimidating to think of just the right question to ask so that you get the most value out of the silver that you’ve used across the palm of your reader.

Plus it  can be a little intimidating to think that all the knowledge in the universe is available on that deck of cards and you have got a pick just the right question.

It’s kind of like a jeweler picking just the right angle at which to create the facet on the diamond.

In my experience there are some basic subjects that you can break things down into so that you get the best read on the category that you would like.

Then once you have the topic chosen you can narrow down the scope of questions from there.

So let’s break this down one by one and take a look at some good questions for each category


I don’t know about you but love is always my top of mind awareness when I do a reading or even when I pull cards for myself.

Who doesn’t want to be swept up in Love’s embrace?

As Shakespeare said, love makes fools of us all, but in the Tarot deck the fool is the most powerful card of all.


1.  What do I most need to know about my love life?
2.  Who is moving toward me in my love life?
3.  Is my soul mate near me?
4.  Will my lover return ?
5.  Is my lover faithful?
6.  Is marriage indicated for me?
7.  Is there a pregnancy on the horizon?
8.  How can I move my love life forward?
9.  What’s the strongest foundation to build upon?
10.  How can I communicate to my lover in the best way possible?
11.  What cycles are impacting me?
12.  Where am I strongest?
13.  How can I attract a loving soul mate?
14.  How can I raise the vibration of my Relationship?
15.  How can I be a more loving to my partner?
16.  What should I look out for?
17.  What am I denying in my love life?


For those of you with money on your Mind…

Watch for suit switches in the career house, I notice in my own personal readings money questions often bring up cups, probably because I get so emotional about money, and I find that good cash flow leads to joy in a pretty linear fashion.  It is a lot easier to relax and be loving when you aren’t worried about paying the rent.

So for me money and cups go hand in hand  it may not work that way for you; but, it’s worth asking these questions and making note of your spreads over the course of a quarter and see what messages the cards bring for you.  (This is one of the slower moving subjects for me so tracking it over a longer period gives you a better perspective on how to process the tarot advice on this subject.)

18.  What do I most need to know about my career
 19.  How can I move my career forward
20.  What should I do about the situation with my work?
21.  What’s the strongest foundation to build upon?
22.  How can i provide more value to my company
23.  What can I learn from the past?
24.  What cycles are impacting me?
25.  How can I attract a mentor?
26.  How can find favor at work
27.  How can I find my Dharma
28.  What could trip me up at work?
29.  What is holding me back in my career
30.  Should I ask for a raise?
31.  Should I take additional training?


In my experience reading cards this is not often asked about on first blush but its good to run a health spread every now and then to check in with yourself.  When your health is good everything else is great and sometimes little adjustments made early can make a great difference especially for athletes trying to dial in good sports performance.

32.  Is there anything I need to do to improve my health?
33.  What am I ignoring about my health?
34.  What is holding my health back?
34.  What am I not seeing about my health.



Drama is inevitable in life and sometimes those closest to us have the most important lessons to teach and somehow friction sets in until you get the lesson.

The good news is once you get the lesson the friction diminishes immediately.

So Tarot can be a great tool to shine a light on how you may be contributing to the problem and once you see things in a different light the whole issue may resolve itself.

This is the hidden wonder of Tarot.

35.  What do I most need to know about the situation with my sister/brother/husband/friend/mother?
36.  What blessings do my friends and loved ones bring to me?
37.  Are there any past life issues affecting the present situation
38  How can I resolve this conflict peacefully?



Oh I would trade many talents for good timing.  There are some people who are really blessed with it.  (Sagittarius often seems to slide right into it) In some ways it is related to luck.  Its well worth consulting the Tarot to make sure your timing on all things is a good as possible.

39.  What’s trying to come forth in my life?
40.  How can I restore my hope for the future?
41.  How do I get into the right place at the right time



This is the thing that brings me most often to my personal deck.  Its amazing how much the Tarot cards know about my life.

The colorful Images of the cards really help move me internally when I am stuck with a betwixt and and between question.

I love the should I/Shouldn’t I dilemma.  Pulling two cards one for each choice made can be a great insight. Instead of the simple yes no pull though try to create depth in your questions so you can really see the choices and the consequences for what they are.

42.  I can go two ways. Help me decide which way to go.
43.  What are the pros and cons of these two choices?
44.  How can I make the best possible decision?
45.  What if anything needs to be done
46.  What am I ignoring?
47.  What am I not seeing?
48.  What’s holding me back?
49.  What am I denying?
50.  What am I seeing that’s not true?


Regardless of what is the burning subject on your mind you will find some great jumping off points in this article.  And if you are learning to read for yourself these will definitely help you stay out of a rut.  Keeping things fresh and interesting goes a long way toward enjoying what you are doing.  I wish you much joy and success with your cards and readings.